Home Medicines Review

Are you taking five or more medicines? Have you just come out of hospital? Do you attend more than one doctor (GPs and specialists)? Do you suspect a side effect from one of your medicines? Imagine what you can get out of a pharmacist home visit. Find out more about Home Medicines Review .

Medicine Sachets

Medicine sachets hold all of your regular medicines (even your vitamins) in a convenient roll. With all of the regular tablets you need in your sachets, you no longer have to worry about missing any important medications. Each sachet contains the medicines for a particular date and dose time. This is clearly printed on the sachet along with your name. The sachets are rolled up in chronological date and time order and popped into a dispensing option that suits your needs. With easy tear packaging, it is effortless to empty the contents of the sachet without them popping out onto the floor. Only 7cm x 7.5cm, you can pop a sachet in your pocket or handbag and get out of the house. No longer do you need to worry about arranging your outings around medication times. There is no need to pack your own dosette box every Sunday night or carry a bulky blister pack with you. The medication sachet is easy to handle and easy to transport, meaning you can stay independent and carefree..

Prescription reminders

Let us help you with keeping track of your prescriptions. When your prescriptions are due, we will send you reminders through sms, emal or a voice recording to your home phone. Click here.

Pharmacist Consultation

At our pharmacy, we take time to listen to your needs. We can help you navigate your way through bottles and boxes of medicines in a sit down consultation in the pharmacy or at home. Find out more about: ‎MedsCheck or Diabetes MedsCheck or Home Medicines Review

Sleep Services

If you or someone you know snores regularly and has a few other symptoms such as daytime sleepiness, fatigue, irritability, memory loss, depression, and high blood pressure, you could be suffering from sleep apnoea. Find out more about our Sleep Services.

NDSS Access Point

The NDSS delivers diabetes-related products at subsidised prices and provides information and support services to people with diabetes. Registration is free and open to all Australians diagnosed with diabetes.


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