Prescription Reminders

Keep forgetting to fill your prescriptions?

In a recent study, over half the patients are found to be non-adherent.  There are a lot of reasons people are not filling their prescriptions on time apart from a common dislike for tablet taking, although that in itself is a cause for concern.  We live busy lives and it is all too common to forget what day it is, let alone remember when your prescriptions are due.  Before you know it, you are down to an empty bottle late at night when the pharmacy is closed.  Then you spend the following morning looking for that elusive prescription you thought you had.

The Pharmacy Guild developed a measure of adherence called MedsIndex.  It is a score out of a 100 based on the interval between repeat prescriptions.  A score of 80 or more is considered good but that still means forgetting to take ones medicines more than one day a week.  In some instances, that is still unacceptable.  Obviously, the goal is to get 100.

We can’t be there to remind you each time you need to take your dose but luckily for us, we now have the technology to help you achieve a MedsIndex score of 100.  At regular intervals, we can send you reminders through email or leave you a voice recording on your home phone but most people prefer to get SMS reminders as to when their next repeat is due.  On top of this, we can also look after your pile of prescriptions for you so we can prepare them in advance before you call in to collect.  Plus we can track your medicine spend for your tax records or pharmaceutical safety net.

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