Home Medicines Review

Mixing up your medicines can be dangerous.  Each year in Australia, 80,000 hospitalisations happen because of medication-related issue.  About a third to two-thirds could have be avoided.  When you have to take several medicines each day, it can get very confusing to remember which one to take at what time, let alone remember what each one is for.  This is even complicated by the number of generic brands available and the number of doctors prescribing for you.

What is Home Medicines Review?

Home Medicines Review (HMR) is funded by the Australian Government and costs nothing to the patient.  At Thornlands Pharmacy, we offer this to help you manage your medicines so you can get the most out of them and avoid side effects.  This service has been found to be quite useful for people on more than five regular medicines or have recently been discharged from hospital.

Think of it as a pharmacist home visit.  You will have one-on-one time with the pharmacist to ask questions about your medicines and discuss side-effects and other issues you may have about your medicines and your routine in taking them.

What happens in a Home Medicines Review?

The reviewing pharmacist will contact you to book a convenient time to visit.  You may wish to gather all your medicines so that you can go through each one of them with the pharmacist.  The pharmacist will then have a chat with you about your medicines, effects, goals, outcomes, and storage.  You may wish to ask the pharmacist to dispose of unwanted medicines for you too.  After the home consultation, a written report will be sent back to your GP with suggestions to help you get the most of out your medicines.  The GP will then discuss the pharmacist’s report with you and may make some changes to your medicines.